It all started with Allen.

Well, in actuality it began with my dad. But I only recognized how important his work was once I met Allen.

Allen was 6 when I met him. He and his family had moved from the United States to Sfax, Tunisia. They enrolled in my dad’s program to learn Arabic through filmmaking. Although Allen only had one line in the script, the movie was called “Allen’s Birthday.” Three months after that session, my dad received a thank you letter from Allen’s mom explaining to him how the session had changed Allen’s life. We found out that Allen had tried to go to Arabic classes but traditional teaching methods were putting Allen off the language. What’s more, Allen has a learning disability and learning English was challenging for him, let alone learning a whole new language. But during my dad's language program, Allen would go home and watch his movie so many times that he memorized every line. His mom would catch him repeating lines to himself in the bathroom mirror, and then using them in real life to interact with merchants, taxi drivers, and eventually to make friends. During the movie, Allen didn’t just learn a language, he learned to appreciate a new culture.

So many kids around the world view language as just another subject in class. But they are a gateway to a new world. After hearing Allen's story, I realized I wanted to open the world to children so that they can unlock their potential and one day change the world for the better.

- Amal Bahloul, President and Founder


Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization that aims to revolutionize both the travel and education industries by providing interns an opportunity to travel the world while teaching languages through the art of filmmaking. Our goal is to connect storytellers from all around the world to collaborate to create meaningful, inspiring, and educational art that happens when two cultures collide. We do this by connecting filmmakers with children around the world who wish to learn languages through the cooperative and immersive art of filmmaking. 

We know that languages are best taught through active learning. Traditionally, languages are taught in sections: grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking. Dr. Maher Bahloul realized that this is an unrealistic and inefficient way to teach languages. Rather, children should be taught through cultural understanding, immersion, and creativity. In 2011, Dr. Bahloul published a book called, "Lights, Camera, Action and the Brain: the Use of Filmmaking in the Classroom," in which he highlighted the many advantages of this teaching method. Filmmaking, as an innovative teaching technique, provides a way for our “stars”, or learners, to be actively involved in the product their making; thus, language learning almost becomes a secondary tool in the creative process, and the outcome of our sessions have been truly transformational on many levels for both our kids and our English-speaking interns.

Similarly, we believe that being a tourist in another country does not provide individuals with the most meaningful travel abroad experience; rather, they must take on the personality of a traveler. A traveler is someone that adds value to the society they are in by sharing their culture and at the same time seeking to understand the culture in which they are immersed. In today’s world, cultural immersion with locals is key to broadening one's horizons. Capturing that growth on film is truly spectacular.

In the summer of 2017 alone, in less than two months, we worked with over 135 kids, in three different countries, and made 15 short films. The best part about our mission, other than the joy it brings our kids to be in a movie for the first time, is the cross-cultural richness that stems from the experience of enabling interns to travel to countries they wouldn't typically travel to, as well as our kids collaborating with people from a completely different culture (one that they usually only see on TV). We endeavor to grow our organization and impact around the world because we believe that our mission to teach language through art has the power to change the world for the better. 


We will continue to inspire and motivate children around the world to be confident and passionate about education. We want to instill in our interns a desire to continue to travel and serve their global community. If our mission has sparked an interest in you, contact us to learn more or work with us.



Every minute, over 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. And every day, over three billion videos are viewed on that one channel alone. We humans have become prolific both as consumers and producers of video. Increasingly, we use cameras to communicate our ideas and we use screens to listen to the ideas of others.

Driving this explosion is today’s youth. Having grown up comfortably amidst emerging digital storytelling tools they naturally seek to connect with others through their cameras and their camera enabled phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. We have this tremendous outpouring of activity and creation by young people around the world passionately dedicating many hours of their day into the creation of personal video projects.

But at the very same time, we are also witnessing a crisis in schools, with increasing drop out rates, disengaged learners, and students generally aggravated that school is boring, irrelevant and disconnected from their real lives. Why do we not pay attention to this gap in passion?

As educators, mentors and parents, we need to realize that for an increasing number of students, cameras are the new keyboard, and video production and viewing has become a large and meaningful part of these young people’s daily landscape.

This is where filmmaking in the classroom comes in. It’s an opportunity to connect students’ passion for creating media with our educational objectives to provide students with meaningful, relevant learning.

Personal filmmaking, made viable through today’s inexpensive and intuitive technologies, gives students an opportunity to express themselves in a modern dynamic language and at the same time, provides them with a methodology to creatively engage in the investigation of the world in which they live.

- Dr. Maher Bahloul




Maher Bahloul

The Masterpiece

Watch the video to hear a conversation between Lights, Camera, Learn founder Amal Bahloul and Dr. Maher Bahloul. 

What Has the Media been Saying About Us?

LCL in Peacock Plume

Languages through "edutainment" by Leona Caanen

Imagine a new way of learning a language- one that does not require you to sit still in a classroom for 80 minutes. Instead, you get to make short movies and attend red carpets, while being immersed in a new culture. Amal Bahloul calls this "edutainment."

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رئيسة المنظمة في حوار لها على تلفزيون الآن للحديث عن أهداف وانجازات وتطلعات المنظمة

دأبت الجمعية على ترسيخ قيم الانفتاح على الثقافات الأخرى وذلك من خلال نشاطها الرئيسي ألا وهو تعليم الأطفال اللغات عبر فن صناعة الأفلام. من خلال برامجنا يقوم الأطفال تحت إشراف المؤطرين باختيار افكار افلامهم وبكتابة السيناريوهات وبتمثيل الأدوار وبالإخراج. تجربة لايتس كاميرا ليرن هي مجال لاكتشاف ولصقل مواهب الأطفال وفي كثير من المناسبات مثلت نقلة نوعية للأطفال وذلك من خلال توفيرها لفرصة لهم للتعبير عن آراءهم بكل حرية

Angel investors: Seed capital helps MENA female start-ups take flight

"[Amal] Bahloul’s company runs workshops which educate Arab children – including many Syrian refugees - through the art of filmmaking. The children write, perform and produce English language short movies to help them connect with different cultures and share their own unique stories."

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A festive atmosphere in the "Red Carpet" for the development of English in the film industry

The films that were presented are the product of an international project to develop the English language in filmmaking, which was initiated by the Center for Arabic Language, Al Qasimi for Innovative Education (ACIE) with the participation of the four schools mentioned and the American Lights, Camera, Learn organization...

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Education of the Gifted, Amal Bahloul & Dr. Enas Qa'adan

Our founder and president sits down with our friend and sponsor Dr. Enas Qa'adan for an interview with Sabahna, a Nazareth-based news organization, to talk about our work in the region and beyond.

May 2, 2018


برنامج أهلا تونس | الجزء الثاني - Amal Bahloul on Lights, Camera, Learn June 30th 2018