We connect interns that are interested in film making and education with students that have a desire to learn English. We hope to create a cross-cultural experience that benefits both the interns and the students.




for interns

While the children are coming up with the script and idea for their movie, the interns are needed to produce the film of their imaginations and dreams. Applications for interns of Film Director, Director of Photography (Cinematography), Film Editor, and Director of Education are all needed for this program. As an intern you would perform the typical responsibilities of these positions on movie sets so the children are ensured a quality film to enhance their engagement with the English language and appreciation of what they have learned. Educators will provide additional help with pronunciation and the script writing process (editing for proper grammar and incorporating higher level vocabulary). At the conclusion of the program, we will be displaying the amateur-style movies you have made with your student script writers and actors at the spectacular Red Carpet Event - a taste of the Oscars for the newfound talent. The children walk away with a film they designed and you walk away with a new addition to your portfolio.

for children

The English language is not a necessary skill for survival, but knowing the English language does have its benefits. For instance, by knowing the English language, your child will have access to a large consortium of academic universities in America, Europe, and around the world! Just like Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and many other languages: learning English will allow you to communicate with a much larger population than you could have before. Some may say you even obtain another soul and identity with every new language you learn. Learning English expands opportunities and connections all around the globe: and, during the increasing globalization of our planet - with more and more technologies expanding our individual access to people of different countries - it is never a bad time to practice the skill of the English language.