You are a non-profit, what does that mean?

It means that we are registered as a 501c3 in California, so any donations we receive can be filed for as a tax write-off. Being a non-profit does not mean we are a charity, it means that any profit we do bring in goes back into the organization because our goal is not to get rich from education, but at the same time we want our organization to be sustainable so that we can impact more people around the world.

Where are you based at?

Our organization is based in Malibu, CA but our leadership team is spread around the world.


Do you have age restriction?

no, but typically our team is between 17-25 years old. We do not accept anyone younger than 17.

What is the most recommended Airline to fly with?

Depending on the location and where you are coming from we have different airlines that we can recommend. As long as you follow the instructions on when to land and when to depart, we will be able to pick you up from the airport.

Do you consider your trips safe?

Yes, safety is our priority, we always have security measures in place, and if we do feel that there is any state of unrest in our locations, you will be redirected to do another program in a different location or refunded.


Will I be doing a lot of traveling during the trip?

Yes you will be - but it is all in the context of work.

How do I get internship credit?

Each university has different requirements, so you must fill out the necessary paperwork, and send it to us to sign and review. Our programs are intensive and so our interns usually complete their required hours in a short amount of time. However, if the requirement of work is not based on time but rather on days, then we recommend doing more than one program. Please check with our leadership team to make sure we can give you the support needed to make this process one you can learn from.

What about visas?

We do not issue visas. We can give you a letter to state your acceptance into a program, but since we are there for short amounts of time, our interns usually enter the country on a tourist visa.