What are we?

A youth-led, international, non-profit organization that produces localized edutainment content by kids, for kids.

What do we do?

We connect cultures to empower and educate children through the Art of Filmmaking.

 How do we do this?

Through our edutainment camps, we unite Filmmakers and Educators with children of different backgrounds to direct their own movies, thus individualizing and innovating their educational experience.

What have we done so far?









Red Carpets




Where have we been so far?


Why do we LCL?

The reason Lights, Camera, Learn exists is to:

  • Individualize education and prep students for skills relevant to the market

  • Provide a voice to stories that would otherwise not be told

  • Revolutionize traditional teaching methods through more innovative and effectual techniques in edutainment.

  • Foster a generation of cross-cultural understanding.

  • Provide access to quality education to every child on the planet.

What solution do we offer?

Our solution is two-fold: use the process of filmmaking to make learning fun and to create edutaining content to make quality education accessible for all. By having kids create that content, they are learning the skills necessary to succeed as a 21st Century Learner, and the kids who are watching our content are being reinforced to learn the concepts that are found in their local school curriculums.

We will do this through multiple programs, two of which are already running in 7 countries:

  • Our international Internship Program

  • Our Summer Edutainment Camp

  • Edutainment Teacher Training Program

  • Edutainment Production Studios

    When do we LCL?

Summer and winter school breaks

Our STARS: Through our Edutainment Camp:  6 days

Our DIRECTORS: Through our International Internship Program: a 12 or 24 day travel package

Why is edutainment important?

We implement the LCL methodology of teaching through the arts into schools, allowing the system to innovate their pedagogy and empower the kids to create edutainment content. Moreover, we create an initiative that generates digital, educational content for students, which will provide all children with an alternative form of education. We envision a world in which the 300 hours of video that are uploaded to youtube every minute is used to educate children