Day 4

We began filming two of the four movies on the fourth day. The other two groups – which were set to start filming on the fifth day - spent their time rehearsing their lines and scenes. They also worked on writing and coloring the numbers they were to submit to the online Girls Count campaign.  

Day 5

Each of the girls was also asked to sit down with an LCL team member in order to give feedback about the program – the challenges they faced, what they enjoyed, and any advice they had for any future LCL projects. The groups swapped roles the next day. By the end of the fifth day, production was officially over!   


The red carpet event!

Our Red Carpet Event is a unique opportunity whereby our stars get to celebrate their short films, the result of their hard work, and share happy moments of a unique educational experience with their teachers, family, and friends.

At the event, children get to be treated as ‘Hollywood’ stars. They dress glamorously. They walk on the red carpet; they go on stage and receive achievement certificates and performing trophies. They also participate in Q/A sessions whereby parents and friends ask questions relevant to their participation in the short films. 

The LCL RCE is a major celebration of an educational achievement