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production sound mixer 

The sound mixer is completely responsible for all aspects of production sound including boom operator and making sure all sound being recorded is clear and crisp, while the equipment is charged, organized, and well-kept. Anticipating and discussing sound-related problems with the rest of the crew, and preparing the sound equipment to be used on the set is part of the job. Your job is to also to communicate to the rest of the team if the actor's pronunciation of the words is muffled or their accent is unclear.  Also, you will also be asked to work alongside the editor during post-production. 

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Behind the scenes photographer

The behind the scenes photographer is responsible for taking pictures and videos of the process, and then working closely with the social media manager to distribute and make use of that footage. In between editing footage of the filmmaking process and travel pictures, you will be helping out with anything extra on set, such as making sure the kids are comfortable around the camera. 



As our songwriter, you will be working with kids and teaching them how to customize and create their own music. You will be encouraged to produce a wide variety of music which can range from a parody, or a musical, to original music, as long as the kids are learning how to express themselves through song. Languages are so easily picked up through a beat, and it is your job to make sure they are jamming while learning.