We call our interns Directors for a reason. We believe that Directors are leaders that inspire, entertain, and educate the stars around them. If you are director, and see yourself in one of the roles below, don’t hesitate–apply!

Each film crew consists of 3 Directors: an International Education Director, an International Film Director, and a local Film Director. Our director:star ratio is 1:3 for our films in order to maximize the edutainment.



Job Overview: In your role as Film Director, your job will be to direct and shoot a film. It consists of working with the Education Director and the kids to make the script you helped them write come to life. Your job is to craft the film’s artistic and dramatic aspects, and visualize the script while working with the other members of the crew and actors to make the short film a success. You will be establishing the visual look of the movie.

Particularly talented as a:

  • Director

  • Cinematographer/ DP

  • Editor

  • Sound and Light Design

Openings per program: 8



Job Overview: Your role consists of working with children who are learning a language, and making sure they are getting the most from the script and activities we are providing them with. We want to make sure they are immersed in the language during pre production, production, and post production. Your job is to make sure they are learning while having fun, being active, and remaining engaged.

Particularly talented as:

  • An acting coach

  • A scriptwriter

  • A singer/songwriter

Openings per program: 4


There is only one opening per position at each program, and the BTS team stays 3 days after each program ends to fully wrap up production.


The Behind-the-Scenes Videographer is responsible for taking videos of the process, and then working closely with the social media manager to distribute and make use of that footage. Our BTS videographer will be the director and editor of the program’s promo video, so they will be asked to bring their unique filmmaking style to the table. You will also be documenting the Red Carpet event and the interviews!


In your role as Film Editor you will be responsible for working collaboratively with the BTS team and the Film Directors to make sure the short films fit together in post production - and that all the media is properly organized. Your job is to remove the unnecessary shots, and fit the pieces of film together to make a finished movie. Being a film editor requires hours of looking through footage and then assembling a film a half second at a time, while working quickly to make deadlines.


The BTS photographer and Social Media Manager’s job is to truly capture all people’s honest experiences to share them with the world. You will be creating diverse content everyday while you are working with the kids and the rest of the team. You will be posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Whether is be daily vlogs, interviews, or just cool pictures, we want you to get the word out there during the very busy, intense, and fun month!