Positions Available

Film is a collective experience as you know.
-Sydney Pollack


Education Director

As an English Educator, your primary role will be teaching the students more English and enhancing or correcting what the children already know. We want to make sure that they are immersed in the English language during pre-production and production. Your job is to make sure they are learning while having fun, being active, and remaining engaged.  Your job will be to ensure the children are engaged in the English language during script writing, speaking, and communicative expression throughout the filming process. Your job is to also improve the actor's pronunciation of the english words.



In your internship role as Director of Photography (DP/Cinematographer), you will work with the film director by establishing the visual look of the movie. As a DP, you will tell the story through the artistic and technical decisions you make regarding lighting, shot selection, camera operation and other elements. You will be in charge of the equipment, making sure everything is charged and ready to go for filming. 


Film Director

In your role as Film Director, your job will consist of working with kids and merging your vision with theirs to make the script you have helped write come to life. Your job is to craft the film's artistic and dramatic aspects, and visualize the script while working with the other members of the crew and actors to make the short film a success. You must also take on the role of Script Supervisor, and making sure that every movie has english subtitles that match the final version of the script.