Film editor 

In your role as Film Editor, you will be responsible for working collaboratively with the kids, the director, and the DP to make sure the short film you have helped write fits together in post production. Your job is to remove the unnecessary shots, and fit the pieces of film together to make a finished movie. Being a film editor requires carefully handling all the footage, diligently looking through dailies with the director, as well as remaining organized enough to meet deadlines. 


Social media manager

To work closely with the behind the scenes photographer, and to truly capture all people’s honest experiences to share them with the world. You will be creating diverse content every day while you are working with the kids and the rest of the team. You will be posting on our Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and youtube. Whether it be daily vlogs, interviews, or just cool pictures, we want you to get the word out there during a very busy, intense, and fun month!


Acting coach

As an acting coach, your job is work very closely with the kids to turn them into the stars that they are. Work with them on breaking out of their shell, being silly, and most of all - being confident in who they are. Leading improv sessions, character development sessions, and ice breaker games are your main responsibility during pre-production. During production, your job consists of working with the actors during takes and making sure they are performing to the best of their abilities. Sometimes while the director is working with the rest of the acting crew, they might ask you to take one actor aside and just work on their pronunciation intensely in order to nail a line.