Paris 2018

...was a ton of fun! For the first time, Lights, Camera, Learn taught French. And, we hosted two language program simultaneously. Our venue was the French countryside east of Paris, where we worked with students and stars from not only France, but countries like Ireland, Russia, Spain, and Turkey. In just 6 days, our team produced four of our most creative and well-produced films yet: a soap opera, a music video, a crime story, and a tale with a twist. Check out our work below!


Our Films

Happy Birthday

Coup de Foudre Sans Lendemain

Sometimes life's most difficult moments bring out the best in us.

Burnt Chicken

An officer murdered-but why? Something smells funny about this detective story.

A mysterious map leads a group of friends on a birthday adventure that might surprise you.


One language and four music videos mashed into one. We bring the world together.