Tunis 2018...

...brought our biggest team yet (15 interns!) together with 30 kids from around the city. We created four original films, bringing our total number of productions to 38. Our week was filled with laughter, learning, and life lessons. Because of this program's stars, we were reminded of why we are here: 

We travel the world to help kids to discover their passions, to dream of becoming something they never before thought possible. We work to give them the confidence to open up and to find their true passions, whether or not they lie in film and art. And the effort and energy that these kids put into their films motivate us to continue our work. 


Our Films 


The Cup Battle

Soccer vs. football-which is better? Two groups of ballers settle the score once and for all.

Hit it, Girl!

A girl strums a magical guitar and is transported into the underworld. Only a song can free her and destroy the underworld!

Brave Again

Seven super-powered kids suddenly find themselves super-powerless. They'll have to work together to get to the bottom of this mystery and get their powers back!


Three stories tackle first impressions and demonstrate how one's true character is not always obvious.

Before we left from Tunisia, our team had one last message for our stars...