Challenges, Triumphs and a Summer of Firsts

And that concludes the Summer of 2018.

Over the past four months, Lights, Camera, Learn has grown in ways that we could only dream of when this year began. We traveled to 5 different countries. We worked with almost 50 filmmakers, educators, and travelers. We taught over 200 students and produced 25 original short films in 4 languages which we showed at 5 Red Carpet Events. 

Above all else, this was for Lights, Camera, Learn a summer of firsts: our first time in Europe, our first time teaching French and Arabic, our first time working with such big teams of filmmakers and educators, and teaching such big groups of students

Every program, every country and nearly every day brought us face to face with new challenges. The three new countries we added to our map, France, Spain and Tanzania, forced us to adapt quickly to new environments. The third edition of our Tunis program forged us into stronger, more compassionate teachers. Our Nazareth program opened our eyes to a totally new perspective. It took all we had to make this summer a success.

But because of the incredible passion, creativity and drive of our team, we ended the season in triumph. 


In total, Lights, Camera, Learn has worked with 422 stars to produce 48 films across 7 countries. In just one summer, we nearly doubled all of our totals. We have plans to do the same by this time next year. 

If you missed any of our journal entries from the start of the summer, catch up on the story of our summer on our blog here, and check out the amazing videos that some our interns have created chronicling their experience with Lights, Camera, Learn. 

Three Months

by Daniel Kelley

Let Me Tell You a Story: That Time in Paris

by Zade Batal

Merci France

by Monique Famisan

These four months have catapulted us further on our journey to transform the way the world learns language.

Where do we go from here? 

Daniel Kelley