The World in a Cup

And that’s a wrap on our third edition of Lights, Camera, Learn Tunis!

View the wonderful films we created over the last two weeks below and on our website here. There, you can also find some behind-the-scenes footage from our program as well as a little goodbye message our directors made (in Tunisian Arabic) as we departed from Tunisia. 

These videos are unique for the diversity of cultures within. This program coincided with the 2018 World Cup and as such, we decided to give the program a theme: the World in a Cup. We sought to educate our kids not only about the English language, but about the diversity of cultures we had brought to their country. Between the 15 members of our team, we were fluent in a total of six languages, including Cantonese, Spanish, and Portuguese. Some of our films even include these languages! Our endeavor to use our many languages, cultures and perspectives all relates back to our mission of connecting cultures. 

We hope you enjoy our stars' films!